May 17, 2017

The registration, "Anmeldung" in German, is one of the most important first steps when moving to Berlin or anywhere in Germany. Be sure to tick this administrative pre-requisite off your to do list as quickly as possible as it will accelerate your settlement in Berlin.

May 10, 2017

Anyone who is leaving Germany and moving to another country is legally required to deregister. The so-called Abmeldung (German term for deregistration) should be done before your departure but you can also do it after you have left.

May 10, 2017

The Lohnsteuerkarte, your German Tax Card, is an official document, issued by the German government that you will need for every job. It holds your personal data  such as your religion, number of children and marital status. This profile is linked to your tax number and should be given only to your employer.

May 3, 2017

Interview on how it all started with the registration-service. Founder Joern Kamphuis talks to Michael Schmitz from smarterGerman the history of our service, customer experience and stories. Get some first-hand tips and tricks on how to get your registration (Anmeldung) in Berlin done as quickly and efficient as possible. Today I am sitting here with Joern Kamphuis, who has an interesting Start-Up which has saved me a lot of time and I am happy to share what he does with...

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